ARCHITECTURE// generative islands

Generative Islands is a proposal for a system of agricultural fields to sit above the buildings of venice to recreate the connections tht will be lost as Venice sinks and sea levels and to provide farmland for the residnents as they become more cut off. The proposals build upon those researched in the Venice monitoring station to provide alternative transportation, ammenities and food. A central hotel acts as a comercial centre to the productive fields and allows guests to experience the changing environmental conditions of Venice.

Venice was created by the collision of the European and African tectonic plates colliding and creating 117 Islands from sedimentation. These Islands were inhabited as self sustaining communities before they were heavily built upon and connected through bridges as we see presently. As sea levels rise by up to 1.5m in the next 80 years much of the current terra firma and even some ground floors will be lost. Venice will revert to its island state as is circulation is lost.

Analagous model of the tectonic plates forming Venice, the earths crust is bent and deformed to create islands. In our model the plastic deforms differently to the plastercine forming pockets of space between the two materials.

To explore this space further lightweight blockwork is chisle and worked to create contractin and expanding routes through the block. This spaces will be used to enrich the circulation of the hotel so that usable break out spaces become part of the circulation.

The ground flor circulation to the hotel reveals glimpses of the break outs spaces.

The main foyer of the hotel houses the comercial centre of the productive fields. It also embraces the climatic conditions and the sinking of Venice by inviting water inside and adpating to function as both its and Venices dwindling population.


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